The Reason 2k12 Literary Radio Show Author Awards For Season 1: 6/4/12-6/15/12

Nominees For The Reason 2K12 Author of the Season (Male):


Eyone Williams

R.J. Champ



Author of the Season (Female)


LaVonda Campbell (Mad, Bitter, Angry, Saved, Hurt, and Restored)


M.D. Cliatt (The Public Pretender)


Allyson M. Deese (Discovering The Joy Within)


Mack Mama( Tales of An Original Bad Girl)


E.N. Joy (And You Call Yourself A Christian…)


Heidi Riley-Ancar (A Touch of Jade)


Ornitha Dainelle (A Heart of Reign)



Non-Fiction Book of The Season:


Tales of An Original Bad Girl- Mack Mama


Mad, Bitter, Angry, Saved, Hurt, and Restored- LaVonda Campbell



Fiction Book of the Season:


The Public Pretender- M.D. Cliatt


Discovering The Joy Within- Allyson M. Deese


Secret’s Never Die- Eyone Williams


A Beautiful Satan- RJ Champ


Daisy Jones- Mack Mama


A Heart of Reign- Ornitha Danielle


And You Call Yourself A Christian- E.N. Joy


Trace of Seduction- Heidi Riley-Ancar



Urban Literature Author of the Season:


Eyone Williams


Mack Mama


R.J. Champ




Christian Literature Author of The Season:


LaVonda Campbell


E.N. Joy



Allyson M. Deese


Ornitha Danielle




RULES: Only READER’S and AUTHOR’S WHO ARE NOT ANY OF THE ABOVE may vote. Supporters are allowed to vote once a day up until 6/15/12 at 11:59 p.m. EST. All votes will be counted and the winner’s will be announced on our 6/22/12 radio show. We ask that you DO NOT vote twice in a day; votes will not be counted by those who insist on voting twice a day. Please note that the awards listed above are simply that: awards. No cash or prizes will be given to winners of the categories above. God Bless!


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